Thursday, September 14, 2006

iRobot gets dirty

News from PC Magazine: iRobot's Dirt Dog Does the Work (Room)
First living rooms (Roomba), then kitchens (Scooba) and now garages; it seems iRobot is destined to attempt to conquer every room in and around the house. The consumer robotics company (which also has a healthy military robotics business), is rolling out a new garage/workroom sweeper elegantly called the "Dirt Dog."

Roughly the same size, shape, and weight as iRobot's popular Roomba robotic vacuum, Dirt Dog sheds not hair, but numerous Roomba features that would not work so well in the workroom environment. This single-button workhorse has no vacuum and instead uses two powerful brushes, spinning at a reported 1,000 rpms, to pick up dirt that includes traditional workshop debris like nuts, bots, screws and woodchips. It also has a 20% larger dust bin to hold all that junk. iRobot officials said that it should have about an hour of cleaning life per charge.

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