Thursday, March 09, 2006

Simple Robot Steps

WowWee is staying in the low cost simplicity zone that really works with the home consumer for this model. Projected price is $399.

News from PC Magazine: WowWee Unveils First Robot Media Hub: "WowWee's next major robot innovation doesn't walk, roll, make disgusting noises or dance, but SCOTY (for Smart Companion Operating Technology) will greet you, read your e-mail aloud, watch your home, and even play your music. All while moving little more than its 'head.'" .............
"Designed as an intelligent media hub, SCOTY is wired- and wireless-network ready, but has little intelligence inside its metal body. Instead, it relies largely on software installed on a connected PC. The software provides facial recognition, text-to-speech and media management. So, for example, you'll be able to talk to SCOTY and have him play music from one of your networked PCs. In addition, SCOTY's software will allow it to tell you when you have new mail and even read it back to you.

SCOTY can also serve as a remoter babysitter and surveillance unit. It can scan a room and detect human faces and then notify you via e-mail that someone is in the room. It'll even send an image captured with its color video camera."

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